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Article / 2021年4月20日

The “inequality pandemic” calls for a new social contract, but it will not happen unless millions around the world mobilise to make it a reality, write Imani Countess and William Minter for The US−Africa Bridge Building Project.

News / 2021年3月26日

Acute hunger is set to soar in over 20 countries in the coming months without urgent and scaled-up assistance, warn the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and World Food Programme (WFP) in a new report on hunger hotspots.  

News / 2021年3月26日


Blog / 2021年3月8日

Nearly a billion tonnes of food - a fifth of worldwide production - is binned each year, according to new UN research in support of global efforts to halve food waste by 2030.

Blog / 2021年3月8日


News / 2021年2月20日

市民社会団体は、新しいバイデン政権が炭素排出削減義務の公正な分担を行うことを約束し、気候資金を含むグローバル・サウスの国々への支援を尊重するよう彼らの要求を強めています。US Climate Fair Shareによる。

Blog / 2021年2月19日

The climate crisis is set to bear the same hallmarks of inequality, whereby the world’s poorest are expected to suffer most. This is why just transitions are such an integral part of climate action, writes Elaine Burke.

News / 2021年2月19日

Civil society groups are ramping up their demand that the new Biden Administration commits to doing its fair share of emissions cuts and honours owed support for Global South countries.

News / 2021年2月7日


News / 2021年2月6日

The biggest ever poll of climate change views has found that 64 per cent of people think the issue is a “global emergency”.