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New release of popular STWR book: Achieving a truly universal basic income

01 April 2020

In response to high demand, STWR have published an updated book version of our perspective on a universal basic income (UBI).

The new book release is timely considering the sudden upsurge of interest in UBI policies, with many governments across the world making direct cash payments to citizens during the coronavirus crisis.

The possibility of instituting national UBI schemes has suddenly returned to prominence in affluent countries like the USA and UK. But few advocates have contemplated the definitive vision of a basic income in the truly ‘universal’ sense—as Mesbahi Sofiane Mesbahi sets out to do in his unique investigation of the subject.

He argues that the definitive vision of a basic income is ultimately feasible within each nation, coordinated under the auspices of the United Nations. Yet this will initially depend on an unparalleled degree of public support for the cause of ending hunger and needless deprivation, based on a fairer sharing of the world’s resources.

That is the only path, writes Mesbahi, for a basic income policy to uphold the fundamental human rights of every individual. And if pursued with this motivation, it is a pioneering and honourable path that inherently says: ‘above all nations is humanity’.

Buy the book

STWR’s latest print publication is written as part of our ongoing series of ‘studies on the principle of sharing’. While principally aimed at activists within the basic income movements across the world, the book is simply written to appeal to any interested newcomers to this important political discussion. The book also includes explanatory and contextual notes to help clarify where STWR stands on some of the more technical issues.

To buy the book in paperback or as an e-book, visit STWR's online store. The book is also available from online retailers around the world.

Further resources

An online version of the book is available at: www.sharing.org/universal_basic_income

To read more publications by Mohammed Mesbahi, visit: Studies on the principle of sharing

For more information about STWR, visit: www.sharing.org