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Join the global call for sharing

Sign the global call for sharing and add your voice to the growing demand for a fairer sharing of wealth, power and resources within and between countries.

As explained in the report Sharing as our common cause, the principle of sharing is already central to diverse calls for social justice, environmental stewardship, global peace and true democracy. The ‘global call for sharing’ campaign aims to build upon this recognition among civil society organisations and the wider public, and promote the role that a call for sharing can play in uniting progressive movements across the world.

Please sign the statement below as an individual or organisation to demonstrate your support for the principle of sharing in relation to your work and campaigning activities, and distribute it widely within your groups and social networks. 

If you experience any problems signing up at the bottom of this page, please email info@sharing.org. We can assure you that your email address will not be displayed on our list of signatures, and will remain strictly confidential.   

As global citizens and organisations who uphold the common good of all humanity, we recognise that:  

Sharing is our human nature  
The practice of sharing is integral to how we live in our families and communities, yet we have built societies that increasingly encourage greed, selfishness and materialistic values. Now is the time to create a more equal and united world – one that reflects and supports what it really means to be human. 

Our failure to share is a root cause of the world’s crises
Across the world, we see the tragic results of our inability to share. No longer can we endure the growing divide between rich and poor, the over-use and wastage of the planet’s scarce resources, and ceaseless conflict driven by aggressive competition and national self-interest.    

Sharing is the key to creating a better world 
We urgently need to reform our political and economic systems by bringing them more in line with the principle of sharing. Without a fairer distribution of wealth, power and resources both within and between nations, it will remain impossible to establish a just and sustainable future. 

A demand for sharing is on the rise across the world
As governments continue with business-as-usual, ordinary citizens are calling for sharing and justice on an unprecedented scale. It is imperative that millions more people take the lead as proponents of change – the wellbeing of the Earth and future generations depends on this shift in global consciousness. 

Sharing is a common cause that unites us all
Now more than ever, a call for sharing is central to the demands of all those working towards social justice, environmental stewardship, true democracy and global peace. Together, we can combine our efforts in a global movement of citizens and organisations calling for sharing in all its diversity. 

By signing this statement, we affirm the fundamental importance of strengthening and scaling up all genuine forms of sharing in our divided world. We therefore add our voice to an emerging worldwide call for sharing, and commit to engage in this crucial debate at every opportunity. 

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