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Organisation signatures

Below is a list of organisations that support the global call for sharing

85 organisations have signed the statement as of 15/01/2015
Date Organisation Country Website Address
15/01/2015 The Pelican Web United States http://www.pelicanweb.org
10/01/2015 Nature & Partage France http://www.docteurnature.org
09/01/2015 Localoids Ltd United Kingdom http://www.localoids.com
06/01/2015 Women Africa Nigeria
06/01/2015 Compare and Share United Kingdom http://www.compareandshare.com
06/01/2015 The People Who Share United Kingdom http://www.thepeoplewhoshare.com
28/12/2014 Cities of Peace Detroit United States http://www.citiesofpeacedetroit.com
26/12/2014 the Create Trust United Kingdom http://www.thecreatetrust.org
18/12/2014 Fair Coop Antarctica http://www.fair.coop
17/12/2014 Global Resource Alliance United States http://www.globalresourcealliance.org
16/12/2014 Društvo za trajnostni razvoj Duh časa Slovenia http://www.duh-casa.si
15/12/2014 Post Growth Institute United States http://www.postgrowth.org
14/12/2014 Sharing, Trust & Justice: Washington State United States http://www.facebook.com/sharewa
13/12/2014 LETS Zasavje Slovenia http://www.lets-zasavje.blogspot.com
12/12/2014 P2P Foundation Netherlands http://www.p2pfoundation.net
12/12/2014 Evolutant Switzerland http://www.evolutant.com
12/12/2014 INTERSO, Koper Slovenia http://www.interso.eu
10/12/2014 COMMON GOOD Forum France http://www.commongood-forum.ort
10/12/2014 Centre for Compassionate Communication Aotearoa New Zealand New Zealand http://www.cccanz.info
09/12/2014 Kosmos Associates/Kosmos Journal United States http://www.kosmosjournal.org
09/12/2014 Shareable United States http://www.shareable.net
09/12/2014 Share International Australia Australia http://www.shareinternational.org.au
08/12/2014 Global Social Justice Belgium http://www.globalsocialjustice.eu
06/12/2014 Globalisation for the Common Good Initiative (GCGI) United Kingdom http://www.www.gcgi.info
03/12/2014 Share The World's Resources United Kingdom http://www.sharing.org